We do all our body and paint in-house. Modern-day collision shops are not set up to deal with vintage cars and the efforts necessary to create a highly finished project. It is the equivalent of taking your vintage car to a modern service shop to have it restored. We use old-school methods to achieve the final result on a full build just as it has been done for years. It takes a great deal of manual labor to do this correctly, not air tools and quick fixes. We do significant metal work to prepare for body and paint, and then finish out to final paint with one fluid motion.


We are a full restoration shop beginning to end. Restoration is a mechanical thing, but it is also about documentation, research, and planning. It is very much a coordinated effort to bring all the elements together at the same time. It takes a broad array of skills and equipment to properly complete a restoration, and we maintain those skills in our shop.  

Coach Building / Panel Beating:

Our metal guys have trained and mentored with the best in the business. Young men who have learned and taken on the artistic skill and labor necessary to work metal. We shape and make panels and bodies of all kinds, done accurately to reproduce missing or damaged panels.  This is a craft that requires significant investment and training to do well. This is the core of a car.  If the core construction, materials, and skill that create and recreate a car at its base level are not correct and sound, it will destroy all efforts that follow. These are amazing and fun processes to watch. If you are ever near the shop, please ask for a visit to see our process.

Intermixed with our restoration work, we do repair work on vintage cars and equipment.  This is normal for us and is a pleasant change of pace to jump on a car and make repairs and get it back on the road.  Nothing that an OBDII computer will solve for you!  We know carburetors, points, and all the old world methods.

Body and Paint: