Adam Keggan
Adam heads up the Paint and Body shop at Vintage Underground. Adam brings a lifetime of knowledge and skill spent restoring Classic and Vintage cars. From inception, Adam apprenticed in the extensive skills necessary to build a car from the ground up with metal restoration skills, as well as body and paint. Twenty-five years later, from Ferraris to classic Impalas, Adam has seen and corrected it all.  

Tim Bridges
Tim’s career started at 18 with a job as an automotive detailer. Tim worked his way into the restoration trade and has since spent almost 29 years as a journeyman painter. Tim’s paintwork is renowned in the hotrod and custom world, as well as American and European vintage car builds. Tim is also a master metal and body technician now with a concentration in metal build and restoration. Tim is widely admired in the classic Mini and Datsun world for his restoration work.

Eric Ellenwood
Eric began his career in the aviation industry, first as an in-flight mechanic with the Marine Corps, and then building his skills as a welder and sheet metal fabricator in the private jet sector of the aerospace industry. Eric’s love of metal fabrication began at an early age, and he began training as a welder professionally in 2003. As a custom metal fabricator and shaper, Eric works to design every aspect of an automobile with his hands. Eric has worked with the top metal shapers in the country and works holistically, studying everything from woodworking, to blacksmithing, to computer modeling with the hope of preserving the traditional aspects of coachbuilding, and merging them with new techniques, materials, and machinery.

Joseph Potter, Owner
Joe got his start restoring a 1930 Model A Pickup with his dad, at the age of 14. In the early 1980’s, Joe began his professional training at a Mercedes Benz shop in Santa Rosa, California before transferring to a British restoration facility in Carmichael, California. From this point forward Joe’s concentration has been on European restorations, primarily British and Italian cars from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. A master mechanic and experienced restorer, Joe leads the crew on projects from beginning to end with an eclectic mix of interesting Abarths, Ferraris, Jaguars, Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Astons, Mercedes, and BMWs.  

Wade Buchan
Growing up in Montana, Wade helped his dad begin the restoration of a '66 Barracuda, which set in motion a lifelong love of automobiles. Wade began in 2005 doing general service work before becoming certified as a diesel mechanic in 2012 and ​entering a career as a heavy duty diesel mechanic for a farm implement company in Montana. He later relocated to Eugene, and joined Joe’s team as a restoration technician. Wade’s passion is in hydraulic systems and electrical components. He particularly enjoys the challenge of building wiring harnesses from scratch and wiring components.  

Kai Potter
Kai’s passion for classic automobiles stems from his family and their love of cars. From a very young age, he worked alongside his grandfather and his collection of vintage cars gaining knowledge and experience. Later in life, while attending college he began apprenticing with Joseph Potter and building his skill set, acquiring the talents needed to produce high-quality work in the restoration industry. He has become an exceptional mechanic, managing the restoration facility and overseeing many large scale builds. Kai enjoys communicating with customers and making sure they feel included in the build and are thrilled with their final product.

Ryan Killion
Ryan got his start as a talented welder in his high school’s metal shop. In the early 80’s, he began his career fabricating custom cars and restoring classics. Ryan brings extensive knowledge in the areas of welding, metal, coach, and chassis work, and enjoys the challenge of modifying cars to create custom projects. A master ability at restoration metal work and build that can only come from years of building cars.

Trent Liles
Trent worked for 15 years as a millwright and fabricator before coming to work with Joe in 2012. For years, Trent has been reproducing original quality parts that are no longer available, modifying existing parts, and fabricating replacement components. Trent grew up in a family of air-cooled VW and American muscle obsessed car enthusiasts. However, it was an introduction to autocross that changed his perspective and led him to the path of handling and performance. He developed the necessary skills to build the type of cars that interested him into serious performance machines.  He has amassed an extensive knowledge of chassis development, machining, and prototyping. His love of quirky rear engined European cars is unrivaled and his personal turbocharged Fiat 850 project might never be considered fully complete.