Vintage Underground is a full-service facility located in Eugene Oregon, established and owned by Joseph Potter. Vintage Underground Restoration harnesses a collection of old world and old school skills and tools, balanced with modern techniques and equipment. We work to restore, repair, and preserve historical machines. We seek to honor both the technological advancements and manual efforts these machines represented in their prime. We do everything in-house, beginning with metal work, coach building, panel beating (as the British refer to it), fabrication, and full chassis construction. We use traditional machining and fabrication techniques, combined with 3-D printing and aluminum parts casting. We maintain full body and paint facilities on-site to produce final builds matching original standards and aesthetic quality. We have full restoration build and assembly facilities on-site, and full interior and trim facilities at our disposal. We also offer a full complement of mechanical services including; engine building and maintenance, transmission repair, and full chassis system building and service.